Instructions for a smoothie-How to Make a Smoothie for Great Results!

Instructions for a smoothie-How to Make a Smoothie for Great Results! Come and get started making super easy smoothies and lose weight and get healthy easy.

Instructions for a smoothie


You might have heard the buzz about smoothies.

Smoothies are a really simple drinks made up from a cocktail of different fruits and vegetables, frequently with a liquid and some kind of creamy base thrown in for good measures.

Smoothies taste scrumptious. And what’s more, is that they are also be full of a stack of goodness in the form of vitamins and minerals that are absent from our diets too regularly these days. By simply adding a suitable smoothie to your diet and having this once a day, you can extraordinarily increase your overall health, your body composition and your immunity and energy!

So here are the Instructions for a smoothie and How to Make a Smoothie for Great Results!

Its up to you which one you will us but you will need either of the gadgets below.

The first thing you will need in your itinerary is a smoothie maker or a blender. This is what you are going to use to crush up your ingredients into a pulp and of course you need something powerful to make sure this can be done quickly and easily. Think too about how easy the smoothie will be to dispense and to wash afterward. The Nutribullet is a very popular product right now because it allows you to simply remove the top of your blender to take with you as a bottle!

Instructions for a smoothie-How to Make a Smoothie for Great Results,The next, you need to choose is a liquid. This is of course is what will make your smoothie liquefied and what will make it a drink. The more liquid you add, the runnier your smoothie will be of course and this comes down to individual liking. The average though is to add somewhere between 1-2 cups.

Good examples of liquids include juices, water, milk, ice and even tea. There are diverse benefits of each, so have a long hard think about which you want to try and how this will go with the other ingredients you have planned.” We have got another great bit article on Instructions for a smoothie and some super easy recipes that we are sure you will really enjoy READ MORE HERE..

These smoothies have so many health benefits it is untrue, Do you suffer with not sleeping good, If so you may want to read this great article we have put together on smoothie recipes for a good nights sleep READ MORE HERE..

The Base

The next part is the base. This is the ‘main ingredient’ and it is what is going to provide the consistency of your smoothie – i.e. what will make it smooth! You need to choose something that has the right creaminess while also offering a good tasty flavour (as this will likely be the most overriding flavor in the drink) and also lots of health benefits.

There are lots to choose from, but these are popular choices that include: banana, mango, peach, avocado, yogurt and ice!

The Fruits

From there, it’s then a matter of preference for your fruits and vegetables! You can do this yourself and simply think about what is possible to work and what isn’t that likely to work against the base and liquid you’ve chosen. or else, you might choose your fruits based on the diverse nutritional properties they can offer you.

If you aren’t willing to experiment on your own, then of course you can also try turning to a recipe instead. There are plenty on the web, so you shouldn’t be stuck for inspiration for too long!


Finally, consider a few different extras to give your smoothie that extra kick. You can add garnishes for instance or even nuts to make it pretty, or how about sweetening it with a little honey?

We hope you found these Instructions for a smoothie easy to understand and now you know How to Make a Smoothie for Great Results!

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Instructions for a smoothie

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