Eat Healthy Meals Everyday To Maintain A Healthy You.

Eat healthy daily

There are many theories out there about why it is important to eat healthy food.

The average man needs 2500 calories daily.

The average woman requires 2000 calories daily.

Here's a quick fact for everyone, if you drink a average Mocha 2 times a day you have already consumed nearly a thousand calories and it would take an hour and half of running to burn them off, Whereas a standard cup of black coffee is 0% calories.

And a average cup of tea contains 3 calories.

Eating a well varied plate of nutritious foods daily will help keep you in good working order.

Listed below are five ways to help figure out the components of a healthy diet.

  • Carbohydrates. A vital source of energy, carbohydrates comprises about 60% of an individual's diet. ...
  • ProteinProtein is needed to assist your body to repair cells and make new ones.
  • Fats.
  • Vitamins and Minerals.
  • Water