Exercise keep moving and stay active.


Exercise should be a pleasure and not a dread, however for some individuals it is just that. once our mind is set on that trail of thinking it makes it all the more difficult to break the cycle.

keeping moving is important for us as we as human beings are not designed to sit about.

Research has proven that how much we sit has serious consequences for our weight, our posture, and even on our lifespan.

you dont have to run a marathon or be a member of a gym  to get the body moving and start to be active, I guarantee you 100% once you get the first couple of weeks out the way you will start to feel the difference mentally and physically.

Instead of driving to the local shop have a walk if you live in a house climb the stairs walk around the garden put some music on and have a jig.

It doesn't matter what you do as long as you are doing something to benefit you.