Bodyweight training transformation-Transform your body-Easy exercises.

Bodyweight training transformation-Transform your body with bodyweight training.

Bodyweight training transformation

Anyone can gain from bodyweight training. That’s right, despite our age, fitness level or know-how, everyone can achieve great results, bodyweight training transformation and how it could help transform your body into a leaner more cut you. It will amaze you how simple it is,

But you get fantastic results from trying our exercises.

Bodyweight training transformation has been around for a long, long time - thousands of years. Before the invention of weight training equipment, bodyweight was all people had to train with. The Ancient Greeks, Romans, Egyptians, Indian Wrestlers, Shaolin Monks and even the military today used (and the last three still use) bodyweight training as a primary source of physical fitness. Why? Two reasons: it can be done anywhere and it works! In particular we are going to look at five ways bodyweight training transformation can help almost anyone.

 1) Bodyweight training transformation and Weight Loss/Management

 While bodyweight training is not known  for its calorie burning ability, it is known for building muscle and muscle mass burns calories; the more muscle, the more calories burned even when at a resting rate. So bodyweight training should be viewed as having more of a long term result when it comes to weight loss or management.

2) Bodyweight training transformation-Stay Flexible

 Older adults benefit greatly from bodyweight training, because as we age, we tend to lose bone mass and get more inflexible. though because bodyweight training use eccentric and concentric contraction, they tend to work a joint through its full range of motion, thus improving suppleness. This translates to less joint pain making the Golden Years more enjoyable.

3) Bodyweight training transformation-Make Life Easier

 Just doing all the things of daily life, such as keeping the house in order and, carrying in groceries are more difficult if the muscles used in these tasks are not toned and developed. Because bodyweight exercises are a functional type of training program, it develops the muscle you use most, thus making daily tasks easier.

4) Bodyweight training transformation Better Mental Health

 Wait, how can bodyweight training help me mentally?  When we exercise, our heart rate goes up and the blood in our veins and arteries pumps faster, thus taking more wastes out of our cells and bringing in more oxygen and hormones required for good health. Not just does this happen in the cells of our muscles, but also in the brain cells. as a result, you can think more clearly and have less stress.

5) Bodyweight training transformation-Sleep Better

 Bodyweight training helps ease the stress hormone cortisol. With reduced anxiety levels, less will be on your mind when you go to bed, meaning not only will you go to sleep quicker, but you’ll get a more relaxing quality of sleep.

With being well rested the next day, looking great from the toning and defining bodyweight training does to your muscles, self-confidence and self-esteem will exude from you; all around you people will notice and ask what you are doing to look and feel as good as you do. Tell them – bodyweight training transformation!

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