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Hi there and thanks for coming to read about my CBD oil review, As you may or “may not know” CBD oil also called “Cannabidiol” and comes from hemp plants.There are even some people calling it “natures miracle cure” for SOME medical conditions.

The exercise of doing this CBD oil review is to help make people aware that this may well help them.

CBD oil review

After reading lots of information about CBD oil review-Cannabidiol reviews on different websites,This prompted me to get some real facts for you, So have a read and I hope you enjoy my CBD oil review.

What is CBD oil-Cannabidiol ?

Cannabidiol is one of the two main cannabinoids in marijuana (cannabis), and it has a non-psychoactive effect (it won’t get you high). Cannabinoids are the chemical compounds present in cannabis that act on cannabinoid receptors in cells that release and repress neurotransmitters in the brain. That’s right: we have cannabinoid receptors in our brain specifically designed to interact with cannabis molecules

Cannabidiol is one of the most exciting cannabinoids — natural compounds found in cannabis — that we are aware of today.

cannabidiol is transforming from a little-known molecule, to a potential breakthrough nutritional component and treatment.

Cannabidiol (CBD) is found throughout the seeds, stalk and flowers of cannabis plants — including hemp and marijuana. Unlike many of the 85+ cannabinoids that we are aware of, cannabidiol occurs naturally in significant quantities in cannabis, so it is relatively easily extracted from the plant.

Good stuff I hope your getting some great information form this CBD oil review

Happy days, But hold on I thought that this was an illegal drug here in the UK< and I am sure many others thought so too, Well apparently not, Continue reading what I found out!!

Is CBD oil-Cannabidiol Legal In The UK  ?

What does current UK law have to say regarding CBD oil, hemp and cannabis? What is legal, what is illegal and what lies in the grey area between?

The reason for the complexity and confusion is the classification of “hemp” and “cannabis”. Quite simply, hemp is cannabis – the Latin name of what we call hemp is cannabis sativa. So as far as nature is concerned, hemp is just one type of cannabis. It is generally a particularly tall version, up to about 20 feet tall. It is generally much thinner, and often times has smaller and fewer attention-grabbing flowers.

While the differences between hemp and cannabis are quite vague and borderline non-existent in nature, in relation to UK and EU law the differences are quite clear. (Fortunately.) Cannabis is considered to be strains of cannabis sativa with THC content regularly over 0.2%, while hemp is strains with THC content regularly below 0.2%. That’s it… couldn’t be simpler. The lawmakers don’t care about how tall the plant is, or even how many flowers it produces. They care whether the public can get high from smoking it, and they made sure the only strains legally produced can not get the public high.

This decision not to restrict the growing of hemp flowers is critical for the CBD oil industry. Had the EU mandated that the plant must be cut down before the flowers develop it would signal the end of our industry, or at least limit it to the least useful parts of the plant. And when you consider that hemp being grown for its flowers was practically unheard of until a couple of years ago, that hypothesis isn’t so far-fetched.

But as things stand, hemp flowers are allowed to be grown, and so the cannabinoids within those flowers – and the most prevalent cannabinoid in hemp flowers is CBD – can now be harvested to make CBD oil.

Thus, CBD oil is legal – at least as long as the CBD oil is made using an approved EU strain. There are roughly 50 of these approved strains, which have been chosen according to their low THC content.

Content sourced from: lovecbd.org



We came across this image while researching our cbd oil review from the home office, If you cannot see it clearly get in touch and I will forward it on to you to see for yourself.

CBD oil review


I hope this CBD oil review will give you a greater insight into why CBD oil-Cannabidiol is going to be very sought after..

What are the health benefits of CBD oil-Cannabidiol ?

1. CBD is a key ingredient in cannabis

CBD is one of over 60 compounds found in cannabis that belong to a class of molecules called cannabinoids. Of these compounds, CBD and THC are usually present in the highest concentrations, and are therefore the most recognised and studied.

CBD and THC levels tend to vary among different plants. Marijuana grown for recreational purposes often contains more THC than CBD.

However, by using selective breeding techniques, cannabis breeders have managed to create varieties with high levels of CBD and next to zero levels of THC. These strains are rare but have become more popular in recent years.

2. CBD is non-psychoactive

Unlike THC, CBD does not cause a high. While this makes CBD a poor choice for recreational users, it gives the chemical a significant advantage as a medicine, since health professionals prefer treatments with minimal side effects.

CBD is non-psychoactive because it does not act on the same pathways as THC. These pathways, called CB1 receptors, are highly concentrated in the brain and are responsible for the mind-altering effects of THC.

A 2011 review published in Current Drug Safety concludes that CBD “does not interfere with several psychomotor and psychological functions.” The authors add that several studies suggest that CBD is “well tolerated and safe” even at high doses.

3. CBD has a wide range of medical benefits

Although CBD  and THC act on different pathways of the body, they seem to have many of the same medical benefits. According to a 2013 review published in the British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology, studies have found CBD to possess the following medical properties:

Medical Properties of CBD Effects
Antiemetic Reduces nausea and vomiting
Anticonvulsant Suppresses seizure activity
Antipsychotic Combats psychosis disorders
Anti-inflammatory Combats inflammatory disorders
Anti-oxidant Combats neurodegenerative disorders
Anti-tumoral/Anti-cancer Combats tumor and cancer cells
Anxiolytic/Anti-depressant Combats anxiety and depression disorders

Unfortunately, most of this evidence comes from animals, since very few studies on CBD have been carried out in human patients.

But a pharmaceutical version of CBD was recently developed by a drug company based in the UK. The company, GW Pharmaceuticals, is now funding clinical trials on CBD as a treatment for schizophrenia and certain types of epilepsy.

Likewise, a team of researchers at the California Pacific Medical Center, led by Dr. Sean McAllister, has stated that they hope to begin trials on CBD as a breast cancer therapy.

All CBD oil reviews differ but they will all come to pretty much the same conclusion “why as this been kept away from us for so long”

4. CBD reduces the negative effects of THC

CBD seems to offer natural protection against the marijuana high. Numerous studies suggest that CBD acts to reduce the intoxicating effects of THC, such as memory impairment and paranoia.

CBD also appears to counteract the sleep-inducing effects of THC, which may explain why some strains of cannabis are known to increase alertness.

Both CBD and THC have been found to present no risk of lethal overdose. However, to reduce potential side effects, medical users may be better off using cannabis with higher levels of CBD.

5. CBD is still illegal

Even though CBD shows much promise as a medicine, it remains illegal in many parts of the world. CBD is classified as a Schedule I drug in the United States and a Schedule II drug in Canada.

On Dec. 14 2016, the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) made it clear that any marijuana-based extract is considered a Schedule I drug under federal law, including CBD oils and other types of CBD-rich extracts.

On the other hand, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration recently approved a request to trial a pharmaceutical version of CBD in children with rare forms of epilepsy. The drug is made by GW Pharmaceuticals and is called Epidiolex.

According to the company, the drug consists of “more than 98 percent CBD, trace quantities of some other cannabinoids, and zero THC.” GW Pharmaceuticals makes another cannabis-based drug called Sativex, which has been approved in over 24 countries for treating multiple sclerosis.

A patent awarded to the U.S. Health and Human Services in 2003 (US6630507) also covers the use of CBD as a treatment for various neurodegenerative and inflammatory disorders.

Information sourced from :http://www.leafscience.com

And in this final part of my CBD oil review I must say as always there are going to be people trying to profit from individuals, There are of course different qualities of the CBD oil-Cannabidiol that are online to purchase, But I came across this article on a UK company so my advice is avoid them at all costs.

Just days after hacking the UK CBD facebook page after they couldn’t afford to pay up, Peter set his eyes on a new CBD cash cow to milk dry – CBDOilsUK.com

I knew this was exactly what he would do so I’ve kept a close eye on them for the past few weeks before making up my mind on whether or not CBDOilsUK (aka LoveHemp Ltd) was a scam company just like UK CBD. Prices seem ridiculous yet again but that goes for all these money hungry resellers as someone pointed out in the comments. Other than them giving 5% of their profits to CLEAR (now run as a dictatorship by Peter Reynolds after firing all board members yet again) they at least seemed like a fairly honest little business at first glance.

What I found out later on (thanks to submissions through this blogs comments) disgusted me. And it’s sad that people are still going to fall for this unless the new CBDOilsUK scam is exposed.

:: Warning – You’re NOT going to like this ::

So one topic I mentioned in a past post was how UK CBD stopped selling Endoca products. They claimed that it was because Endoca had no certification, which was strange to me as I found and linked to over 150+ up to date certificates for each batch of their oil. But one thing that did continue to concern me was; why exactly did they decide to stop selling their products in the first place? Endoca products are cheap, have a good reputation and can be resold for an honest profit at RRP..

From what I’ve grown to understand the reason UK CBD stopped selling Endoca products is because they were allegedly (according to an ex customer) just taking Endoca’s products and repackaging them so that they could sell at much higher than the recommended retail price.

This only a snippet of thecbd oil review article if you want to read the rest then click on this link: http://ukcbd.exposed/


Well that is pretty much me and my CBD oil review article, But what I did find was a great product which I am trying myself at present as I have repetitive strain in both my arms, and a few friends suffer with chronic back problems and another with copd, So I have purchased some from this what looks like a very reputable company and I will keep you updated.

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