easy ways to make a smoothie

easy ways to make a smoothie-simple ways for a great smoothie every time, These tips will help you lose weight and get the most out of your smoothie..

easy ways to make a smoothie

The great thing about smoothies and the main reason they’ve become so popular, is that they provide a very easy and handy way to get a lot of extra nourishment in your diet. Eating healthily isn’t always easy and a lot of us will find we run out of time to organize homemade meals and that it can even be quite costly trying to eat fresh!

But then making smoothies isn’t always a walk in the part either and sometimes that can even seem like too much effort. The aim of this article then is to help you make it even easier to make smoothies, so that you stick with this healthy habit and don’t turn back to the suagary pops any time soon, So lets have a look at easy ways to make a smoothie!

Use Tinned Fruits

Some fruits and vegetables that you will would like to include in your smoothie can take a lot of time and effort to get ready. Take peaches for example. You might want to remove the skin from these and you’ll definitely want to take out the stone and all that involves a lot of time when you’re in a hurry in the morning.

The easy ways to make a smoothie? Use tinned peaches instead! These are soft and pealed and stoned and ready for us to use, so you can simply drop them into your blender and hit blend!

But the thing to be aware of here though, is that you need to avoid tins that contain a lot of added sugar or syrup.

Be careful to choose the types that say ‘in juice’ and then drain it off unless you want to risk altering the flavor of your smoothie!

Purees can also work in a similar manner!

Pre and Pick Up

If like lots of us you are really in a hurry in the mornings, then you’re not going to want to slave over the chopping board no matter how quick it is to make your smoothie. The easy ways to make a smoothie  then is to prepare your smoothie in advance and then to just grab it on the way out. This is called ‘prep and pick up’ and you can do it by decanting your smoothies into bottles and dropping them into the fridge. Simple!

Bulk Buy and Freeze

Another issue is that fruit can get expensive. It’s not expensive per unit but because your fruit is constantly going off, you might find you need to keep replacing it – which is a waste.

One solution for easy ways to make a smoothie is to freeze certain fruits like bananas, which will also have the added bonus of making your smoothies nice and cool. Another tip is to bulk buy and order online. This way, you can set up a standing order so that you receive a regular selection of ingredients to your door and you don’t need to worry about continuously replenishing your fruit bowl!

Or instead of freezing, how about going the opposite route and sun drying your ingredients instead? They actually taste even sweeter this way and will last a lot longer – just make sure you give them longer in the blender!

Well I hope this as helped you out a little.

Dont forget if you want to share your recipes then send them in and I will share them with the other readers here.

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