iodine deficiency-iodine deficiency symptoms

iodine deficiency-iodine deficiency symptoms

iodine deficiency-iodine deficiency symptoms

iodine deficiency-iodine deficiency symptoms, This again is a problem that many of us don’t even think about,However it is a major player for our well being.

Disturbing levels of iodine deficiency in the UK

Investigators are cautioning iodine deficiency could be becoming widespread in the UK and are advising companies should start adding it to table salt.

A study concerning more than 700 adolescent girls at nine UK centres found more than two-thirds had a shortage.

Professionals say the problem comes from children drinking a smaller amount of milk, which is a common source of iodine.

Females of childbearing age are greatest at risk – even slight deficiency can damage a baby’s evolving brain.

Iodine deficiency is the most common cause of avoidable psychological impairment worldwide, affecting a third of the world’s inhabitants. It also causes thyroid complications.

Ever since 1993 the World Health Organisation (WHO) has led a world-wide programme of salt iodisation to increase dietary levels and avoid deficiency, mainly in the developing world.

iodine deficiency-iodine deficiency symptoms

iodine deficiency-iodine deficiency symptoms

Numerous European countries, as well as Switzerland and Denmark, have also signed up to the WHO programme.

In the UK, though, it is not obligatory for companies to add iodine to salt.

Dr Mark Vanderpump, who piloted the newest study on behalf of the British Thyroid Association, says this “could be the most viable solution”.

The study measured the urinary iodine levels of 737 teenaged girls from nine UK locations – Aberdeen, Belfast, Birmingham, Cardiff, Dundee, Exeter, Glasgow, London and Newcastle.

Almost 70% of the samples discovered an iodine deficiency and approximately a fifth (18%) of samples exhibited very low iodine levels, below 50μg/L rather than the adequate minimum of 100μg/L.

The investigators say a large-scale examination into the iodine status of the whole UK populace is now desirable to understand the full level of the problem.

iodine deficiency-iodine deficiency symptoms :



  • Iodine deficiency is the world’s extreme single cause of avoidable brain damage
  • Dietary sources of iodine include milk and seafood

Source: WHO

Dr Vanderpump said at a conference of the Society for Endocrinology: “Our data advise the UK is now iodine deficient, justifying a full exploration of the UK iodine status. We need to look into this now to decide whether public health bodies need to step in.”

He said, traditionally, half of our dietary iodine consumption has come from milk. “One cup of milk gives you about 50% of your regular iodine requirements.

“And tests on milk show that its composition has not actually altered, so it must be that youngsters are drinking less milk than beforehand.

The phasing out of free milk for school kids had not assisted matters. Presently in the UK, free milk is only obtainable universally to the under-fives.


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