Rhassoul clay

Rhassoul Clay. I found about this excellent product This natural clay from Morocco is unbelievable for skin and hair and will benefit you and leave silky soft results.

Rhassoul clay

What is Rhassoul Clay?

Rhassoul Clay is a first-class soothing clay for exterior use that stores forever if kept dry. It is obtained from the Atlas Mountains in Morocco and is frequently used for skin and hair. It is also called Ghassoul Clay, Red Clay, and Red Moroccan Clay, and it can only be found in this exact mountain range in Morocco.

This unprocessed and naturally dried clay has a silk-like texture and can help even out skin tone and reduce flaws. It has the distinctive ability to both feed skin and reduce breakouts and numerous individuals use it daily as a natural soap and shampoo. In fact, experimental studies and testing on Rhassoul clay found that it can increase the skins elasticity, even skin reduce blemishes and blackheads, and can help to diminish skin dryness or flakiness.

It has the capacity to swell when added to water, but Rhassoul clay has an even higher silica and magnesium content, making it particularly good for skin. Ii can be used daily in place of soap for a mild way to wash that won’t strip skin of valuable oils.

Rhassoul clay claims a high negative charge and it can aid and draw out blackheads and additional impurities from the skin. This also makes it favourable as a make-up remover and a all-purpose face wash.

Uses for Rhassoul Clay

Rhassou clay can be used like any additional therapeutic clay. Some of the ways that I have tried are:

  • Face Mask: The easiest  use for Rhassoul clay is as a face mask. It can be mixed with water or something like Argan Oil to form a smooth paste. This can then be rubbed onto the face and left to dry before washing off.
  • Face Scrub: Rhassoul clay can also be mixed together with other ingredients to make an exfoliater and smoothing scrub. I have used it myself with Argan Oil, it can be massaged into the face to exfoliate for a couple of minutes and then left for a further 5 minutes to dry out before washing off, You will love the feel of your skin !
  • Hair Mask: I mix about 1 tablespoon of Rhassoul clay into about a 1/4 cup of water to make a weak mixture that I can be poured over the hair and gently massaged in. it is imperative not to let the mix dry as it can add to hair breakage if it dries out on the hair.
  • Full Body Mask: For great feeling smooth skin all-over, a simple paste of clay and water and use as an all over body mask just before taking a bath, leave on for a few moments then wash off.
  • Internal Use: Rhassoul clay should not be used internally, nevertheless it is excellent for external use. Some Places do use it internally, But I wouldn’t myself.
  • Adsorbing Power: This is what makes clays so valuable for washing. Adsorption (with a D) refers to the procedure by which clays like Rhassoul clay attract positively charged elements (cations) to eradicate them. When the clay is washed off, the impurities go with it, leaving smooth skin.
  • Minerals: Rhassoul clay is greater in minerals than countless types of clay, particularly silica, magnesium and potassium, making it FANTASTIC for hair, skin and nails.
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