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vitamin-b3-deficiency-vitamin-b3-treatment, as you may or may not be aware this is a vitamin that if not enough is in our diet could be most harmful for us, I don’t know whether you are the same as me but I never realised just how much we needed these vitamins and how much damage it can cause by not getting them from our diets.

Vitamin B3, also recognised as niacin, is a water-soluble B vitamin that works in more than fifty different metabolic processes which aid the body use sugars, proteins, and fatty acids to generate vitality. It works in union with the other B vitamins to convert macronutrients into energy.


It assists in the running of enzymes in the body. Vitamin B3 is necessary for the initiation of many enzymes. Enzymes are compounds that quicken certain biological processes in the body.


Niacin is required for the digestive system to work correctly – it performs a role in the manufacture of hydrochloric acid, which is required for good digestive role. It also acts to safeguard pancreas health.



Vitamin B3 encourages healthy skin. And has been used as an acne management treatment.


It is essential for controlling the expression of genes and in preserving genomic actions..

Niacin acts to service the body in the removal of pollutants and damaging chemicals.


It helps the manufacture of numerous sex and adrenal hormones.


Vitamin B3 is helps to increase circulatory function as well as cut blood serum cholesterol levels by preventing its build-up in the arteries and in the liver. Niacin helps to rise the quantity of good cholesterol and lower the volume of harmful cholesterol in the blood. Furthermore, it may upturn the efficiency of certain prescriptions which are given to reduce cholesterol.


Niacin, works in combination with chromium to help control and even out blood sugar levels by supporting good insulin function.


These two types of vitamin B3 also have specific health uses: Nicotinic acid is given as an anti-hyperlipidemic manager, while nicotinamide is believed to act as an anti-diabetogenic


Symptoms of Vitamin B3 (Niacin) Deficiency:

A deficiency of vitamin B3 is not common, which is down to the enhancement of flours with niacin. Though, a deficiency will occur if a individual eats foodstuff that is too low in protein. This usually happens owing to alcohol abuse, malnutrition, and in persons who have numerous nutrient deficiencies.


Because it is essential for the creation of energy, a vitamin B3 deficiency can go on if not treated to give these symptoms:

1)  Exhaustion

2) Muscular weakness

3) Loss of appetite.


A deficiency of Vitamin B3 (Niacin) can also end in a complaint called Pellagra. The chief indications of Pellagra include the following:


1) Dermatitis, skin abrasions on the face, arms and hands, and inflamed skin.


2) Mouth irritation, and ulceration or swelling of the tongue


3) Digestive problems such as diarrhoea, nausea, vomiting, and poor appetite


4) Mental impairment, Such as: bewilderment, dementia, despair, touchiness, and emotional insecurity.


Vitamin B3 (Niacin) Toxicity, Overdose:

Extreme amounts of vitamin B3 (over 75 milligrams) can lead to liver injury. Individuals who suffer from liver damage must not take a vitamin B3 supplement.

I hope you have enjoyed this article and if it as helped then please let me know, Because of my own vitamin deffienciey this is what as propted me to get information and share it in the hope it will assist otherds in getting some

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