Vitamin K Deficiency-Vitamin K treatment.

Vitamin K Deficiency-Vitamin K treatment.

Vitamin K Deficiency-Vitamin K treatment

Vitamin K Deficiency-Vitamin K treatment is another common and problematic condition in many of us that will lead to serious problems This may affect you..

I am trying to bring peoples awareness to different types of vitamins that we need to function throughout our daily lives, I hope this one on the K vitamin helps.

  1. Amongst the most shared signs and indications of vitamin K deficiency are substantial menstrual flow, gum bleeding, and nose bleeding, and easy bruising. Indications and signs of vitamin K deficiency may also include bleeding within the digestive tract and blood in the urine.


  1. A deficiency of vitamin K can affect a new-born baby or even an unborn child as well. Vitamin K deficiency might end in internal bleeding (in the skull), deformed fingers, and under-developed facial features like ears, nose, and chin. Vitamin K helps in the overall growth of a unborn child. This describes why a expectant woman is typically given vitamin K in the form of food supplements.


  1. Defective blood coagulation and haemorrhages are also amongst the signs and indications of a lack of vitamin K. Deficiency of vitamin K leads to a decrease in the prothrombin content of blood. If you are lacking in vitamin K, you will suffer from blood clotting. Absence of vitamin K can also lead to Alzheimer’s disease.
  2. Other noticeable signs and indications of vitamin K shortage are lengthy clotting times, haemorrhaging, and anemia.
  3. Vitamin K deficiency-related indications lead to extreme depositing of calcium in soft tissues. Toughening of the arteries or calcium-related difficulties are the other shared signs of vitamin K deficiency. So are such thing like: biliary obstruction, malabsorption, cystic fibrosis, and resection of the small intestine.


Scarcity of vitamin K can be avoided by having a good diet. A vitamin K-rich diet usually contains green leafy vegetables, eggs, and soybean. People that are affected by vitamin K deficiency are generally recommended oral medicines for a certain period of time. The treatment depends upon the individual concerned and the severity of the disorder of the person.


“Well I hope you found this interesting” and maybe it as helped someone,

I suffer with vitamin B12 deficiency and as said in other post I had no idea and nor did I realise just how serious it could be without the correct treatment,

This is why I am trying to make as many people aware of the different types of vitamin deficiency that we may have.

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