Hello everyone and thank you for stopping to read about me,

I have been on the internet since around 1998 and always had a keen interest in looking after myself and trying to maintain a healthy diet-good mind-set and regular exercise.

Of course there has been occasions where I lost my way, “That is what makes us human after all”

We all know that it is not easy to do and sometimes family or work commitments hinder us in doing what I consider to be very important for OURSELF.

So I thought I would set up this website and pass on some great information that I come across while searching the internet,

“I don’t know if you notice also that there is lots of contradiction about healthy eating and exercise”

Making things a bit confusing!!

Hence-Body in Harmony Products was born, I am not medically trained in any way but I do know what works for me, and that is looking after “ME”.

We all have our friends and family around us who care and love us, but one thing life’s taught me, You can only truly rely on yourself,

Love yourself first and foremost because if you do not love yourself how can you love anyone else.

Keep a good healthy mind, it so easy to get drawn into things that we have no control over, and all they do is give us negative vibes,

Honestly I used to get so angry about things that were going on in my personal life and carry them with me for days and get so wound up, my heart would pound so hard, I got like mad fluctuations with my heart beat,

I realised after a while “hey” This has got to stop or I will end up with some serious health issues.

Then I met a good friend who I have got to say made me change my whole way of thinking, Despite I ate well and exercised regular my WHOLE body was not in balance.

Anyway sorry “lol” enough about me, My point is I want to share some good topics that I hope you will find interesting and maybe help you find a happier you.

Thank you for reading and why not come and register your interest in joining me to get some great reading.

I will never share your information with any third parties, And respect your privacy as I would my own.

Have a fantastic day, Here’s to YOU.