About us.

Back in 2013 I decided to get a website to share the things I had researched and learned on trying to keep myself in good mental and physical health and also not forgetting the food what we put into ourselves can have a massive impact on our well being too.

I have always taken an interest in keeping myself in shape since a 12 year old, but had never really taken into account how everything as to be in balance to keep us happy and functioning well.

I must say I have made a lot of attempts to try and put a site together without a team of web designers and having the finances behind me to do that, instead I have spent years taking information in and becoming educated from what experts have written.

This as led me to where I am now and I want to share my years of searching and asking questions on the subject of  how to live a better life for me and I hope the things IO have found work for me can help someone else.